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Frequently asked questions

What is Kleend?
Kleend is a virtual platform designed to bring affordable cleaning solutions to homes and businesses throughout the United Kingdom.
What does it cost?
Kleend uses a unique pricing strategy, allowing users to enjoy a fixed rate pay as you go cleaning system. This means no monthly minimum payments, no contracts, no subscription fees and no hidden charges. For domestic cleaning the charge is £11.00 per hour if you're providing your own equipment and £15.00 per hour if you would like the operative to provide the equipment. Businesses are charged £14.00 per hour if the equipment is provided and £18.00 per hour if the operative is to provide the cleaning equipment.
What do I need?
Some of the equipment needed to get the most of your clean would be...
• A vacuum cleaner
• A sweeping brush
• A mop and mop bucket
• A feather duster
• Multi-purpose cleaner
• Toilet cleaner
• Glass cleaner
• Micro fibre cloths
• Toilet brush
• Any additional products you believe may assist the operative.
If you wish for the cleaner to bring their own equipment please note the standard fixed rate will vary to accommodate this. If you have any special cleaning interests, please ensure the required equipment is available for the cleaning operative.
What do I need to do?
It is advisable to instruct the cleaner initially as to what it is you want cleaned and how. You must also show the cleaner where the equipment is kept, any areas of particular importance, areas which may be delicate or prone to damage and of course any sensitive areas you don’t want the operative to clean.
It is always helpful if you can write down a list of jobs which are reasonably doable in the time you have selected. We do not facilitate the key handling process and should you wish to do so then we can provide a key handling form.