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Post-Party House Cleaning, 8 Important Tips

Everyone loves the fun of parties. A party means a lot of enjoyment, laughter, food, drinks, and more. Although a party brings a lot of fun, it makes you tensed when you need to clean after-party messes in your place.

Your guests are gone and what remains are a pile of used rubbish, bottles, broken glasses, spotty sheets, carpets, curtains, and leftover food. A glimpse at dirty cookware into the kitchen sink makes you frightened about the tedious post-party cleaning tasks. You don’t understand where to start and how to en. Take away your worries and look at the hassle-free cleaning guide:


1: Start With the Curtains:

Curtains get stained when kids or your friends hold them with dirty hands or anyone throws soothing on curtains. Dirty curtains cause foul smells. Unfasten all the curtains from the holders and keep them in your washing machine for cleaning or you can send them to your laundry shop. Don’t forget to clean the toilet curtains as well. Removing the curtains allows the winter air and sunlight to come into your rooms and make you feel rejuvenated. Light and air eradicate all the foul smells within a few hours.


2: Disinfect Your Bathroom: 

Bathrooms look unpleasant and become smelly after a party. Although you arrange a domestic party with a few close ones, there were still many outsiders who used your bathrooms during the party. Therefore, washing the floor, tiles, cleaning the toilet pot, and disinfecting surfaces are highly important to restore the hygiene and appeal of your bathroom. A dirty bathroom may invite diseases. So, cleaning the toilet is an utmost responsibility as a post-party cleaning task.


3: Check Out if There are Pieces of Broken Glasses or Anything Else

People stay very careless while partying. If someone pushes the waste bin, it allows the trashes scattered here and there even under the sofa or bed. Someone’s pushing may break glasses or bottles. Thus, on the next day, your next job is to check whether there are broken pieces of glass or anything else under the sofa, beds, corners, or other places in your rooms. Collect all these trashes and carefully place them in the waste bin. The safety of your family is the foremost priority during the after-party cleaning.


4: Machine Wash Dirty Towels

No matter how many guests you had or how carefully they maintained the towels, you should machine wash all your towels after the event. Don’t allow germs and bacteria to spread in your house. You touch your towels with your hands and face. As they were used publicly, the right way to maintain hygiene is to wash them properly in the washing machine.


5: Clean Your Bedroom and Sitting Room

Check the bedroom and sitting room. Many of your guests may leave their costly items such as watches, mobile phones, or charging devices there in the corner of your bed or behind the mattress. Carefully keep these items in the cabinet. Then take the sheets off where some of your guests slept and deep clean them in your washing machine. Clean your mattress and pillow covers as well. Clean the entire premises including the floor and windows of the rooms.


6: Pour Out Bottles and Throw Used Packages

After a party, there is a heap of used bottles and used packages everywhere. Collect all bottles and throw them in the garbage bin. Used bottles can bring accidents and risks. So, store them safely, and remember not to throw them through windows. Rather keep the recyclable items in sturdy bags for proper disposal. If there is any leftover in the bottles or packets, don’t forget to remove everything before you throw them in the trash box.  


7: Clean The Kitchen

Cleaning all the rooms is not only imperative after an event in your home but cleaning the kitchen is similarly important on the very next day. Clean the basic appliances such as microwave oven, refrigerator, washbasin, cabinets, and waste bins. Use disinfecting solutions to clean the floor, tiles, and walls. Wash used dinnerware using environment-friendly detergent.


8: Eliminate the Stains

Stains from food make your home look weird. They also leave a foul smell in your rooms. Dirty caret or stained floor or walls is a very common post-party problem. To deep clean your carpet, you can hire a professional cleaning services company in Birmingham. To check everything carefully and to remove them efficiently, professional cleaning experts are the best choice for post-party cleaning.

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